Back in Canada

Hello friends & family & followers,

I have returned to Canada safe and sound. I have been here just over a month now and am settling in well. I would like to continue blogging as I have enjoyed doing so for the last three years. I would like to keep this blog set up as it is right now, as my documentation of my life in Japan, so I will continue blogging over here at my blog on


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Cats of June

During this past month, I took a fair amount of pictures of cats. I filled my cat-image-quota, which I limited to one, for my photo a day challenge (quota filled here) early on. But that didn’t stop me from snapping pictures of cats whenever I could. I collected cat pictures, I just didn’t post them.

I present them to you in all their glory now. All photos taken with my Nikon D3200 and 50mm1.8. in the month of June.

Behold, gentle reader, the cats of Japan.






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